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About Us

Smiling Daisies Soap Co. is a home based business now located in Pinewood, Northwestern Ontario, Rainy River District, aka middle of nowhere. (Don't worry no one else knows where this either, that's why we created a website.)
 We love creating small-batch artisan bath and comfort products while focusing on using sustainable and simple ingredients.
We are plant based, 100% or 98% Natural, and cruelty free! We use all natural colourants including micas and infused herbs, along with high quality pure essential oils or, paraben & phthalate free parfums. 
We also offer a variety of Ecosoya wax wood wicked candles to create the perfect ambience and aroma for mood enhancement, or a relaxing spa feel. 
All products are paraben, phthalate, formaldehyde, sulfate and phosphate free to provide peace of mind and quality in every creation.
Our story so far
Hi, I’m Julie, owner and creation artist of Smiling Daisies Soap Co. It all began in 2010 in Chalk River, Ontario.  I had been reading the lists of ingredients on our various cleaning/bath and body products and researching what all these alphabet soup words actually were.  Needless to say that I was alarmed by what I found. I thought to myself, there must be a better alternative.  After hours and hours of research and experimenting I created my first batch of cold processed soap. The process amazed me; I couldn’t shake the feeling of my great ancestors cheering me on to continue this traditional skill that they also practiced. 
My first batch of soap EVER!!  Ya, looking back it wasn't pretty, but I remember being over the moon about it, and I am so proud to have made that ugly loaf. :)
Once the soap started flowing I began to look at other products that we use on regular basis, cleaners, shampoo, candles, smelly wax, lotions....the list goes on. Me, I love natural, but I’ll be honest I also LOVE the fruity, fun scents that I couldn’t get using just essential oils.  After doing much research I found paraben and phthalate free fragrances still smelt great! I found beautiful natural colourants, sustainable ingredients, and GMO free wax all without those questionable chemicals that seem to be in everything. How exciting right??!  As time went on and my line of products grew it became clear that there was no way my family and friends were going to get thru all these creations in our lifetime.  I loved making the products and wanted to continue making them.  Eventually I had the idea that maybe other people would be interested in products whose list of ingredients didn't require a degree to pronounce, but left you feeling and smelling great.  I finally decided to take a leap and signed up for the farmers market in Deep River to see if this was something that would be doable as a business.
I was so overwhelmed with the acceptance and support in the ottawa valley, from my first Deep River Farmer's Market, to the craft shows, Petawawa Showcase and the wonderful local shops that sold my products; it was amazing! A dream come true to say the least. I still can't get over the relationships that were created at these events, so much love!! I am so appreciative.
Fast-forward a couple of years of testing recipes and expanding my line of products.  My kitchen and spare room looked like a mad scientist's laboratory, with herbs, butters, oils and soap everywhere!  Needless to say it was getting difficult making dinner and it was clear that this was something that I was going to continue to do, so to the basement I went!  I renovated our basement and created a wonderful, FUNCTIONAL soap studio, and just like that Smiling Daisies Soap Co. was born.....Okay, it took 3 years to establish Smiling Daisies, but time flies when your doing what you LOVE! 
Then fall of 2014 came along like a ton of bricks.  My husband suffered from his second spinal injury during one of his units (2RCHA) military training exercises.  Life was changed forever, but on a positive note we had a whole new perspective on life and wanted to get back to our roots.  Once Elijah was medically released from the military we needed extra support, and our families, so back to Northwestern Ontario we went.  We bought Forest View Farm, my great grandparents homestead establish in 1904!! Now that's roots.  We have been getting established and trying to find our new "us" for the last couple of years and feel that we are getting close.  I have once again renovated a small soap studio and back to it I go. Smiling Daisies has been re-born!
We will now be focusing on e-commerce and online platforms but are going to really try to keep that open, loving, positive energy flowing between us and our beautiful customers. 
We absolutely LOVE YOU!!!
YOU put a smile on my face everyday,
and I hope that my creations make you feel the exact same way. 
Thank you
Keep Smilin'
Julie and Elijah